Pilexil Range

Pilexil is a complete range of products for hair and scalp developed by Laboratorios Lacer, with the high quality and scientific rigour that characterize all its products.

Pilexil Hair Loss (shampoo, spray and ampoules) is a complete treatment that acts against all the factors involved in hair loss.

Thanks to its active ingredients, Pilexil Hair Loss treatment inhibits hair loss, as well as nourishing and repairing hair, stimulating its growth and providing it with the necessary vitamins to make it look healthy and shiny, and regain its strength.

The formulation of its products (shampoo, spray and ampoules) is carefully studied to provide the greatest effectiveness in every situation by offering an all-round solution to the problems of hair loss.

In addition, Pilexil Capsules is a food supplement with an innovative formulation (L-Cystine, Iron, Zinc and 9 vitamins) that contributes to keeping hair in normal condition.

Pilexil’s excellent results are the best guarantee of the product’s effectiveness.

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