Pilexil Strensia ® Capsoules New launch of Pilexil Hairloss.

Pilexil Strensia ® Capsoules is a nutritional supplement with Passiflora Incarnata that helps to calm down accelerated lifestyles.

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Latest Launch

Pilexil HairLoss launches Pilexil Forte Spray, a hair loss treatment conveniently supplied in spray form to apply the product directly to the scalp. Excellent results in effectiveness study.

Launched in February 2015.

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Pilexil. Leading brand in the hair loss market

Hair loss is cared for and treated mainly by pharmacy.

Pilexil is the leading brand chosen by consumers looking for an effective product and is therefore the best selling brand for stopping hair loss.

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Pilexil Awards

Pharmacists in Spain vote for and choose Pilexil Hair Loss Spray as the most innovative product in the hair products segment.

Organized by professional newspaper: El Correo Farmacéutico with the Cosmetics and Pharmacy Awards.

Award to the pilexil.info website as best product website.

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